Can Dog Talking Buttons Improve Your Bond With Your Doodle?

All doodle owners communicate with their doodle but doesn’t it sometimes feel a little one sided? What if you could teach your doodle to speak to you? What if your doodle could tell you what they are thinking and what they want to be happy? 🔮 Right now our doodles use the tools that they have to communicate such as a tail wag, a face lick or a well timed bark. But what if you could give them the tools to actually speak to you? One dog and one owner have cracked the code on how to do that and you and your doodle can do it too!

How Were The Dog Talking Buttons Created? 

Dog talking buttons were invented by a dog named Stella 🐕  and her owner Christina Hunger. Christina is a speech-language pathologist based out of San Diego. As a speech pathologist it was Christina’s job to help people learn ways to improve their communication. So she wondered, could she use her skills for dogs? She kept seeing her dog exhibit the same communication signs that toddlers use right before they become vocal. So Christina thought she would give it a try. Dogs already understand so much of our human language so Christina wanted to give Stella a way to communicate the words that she already understood. Now Stella can use her impressive vocabulary of over 45 different words to express different wants or thoughts. Christina used recordable speech buttons to program in words that Stella could use to communicate and Stella learned quickly. 👍

Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with your doodle? I know I have, now we are one step closer. Dogs and humans have coexisted for generations and never before have we been able to harness technology to be able to communicate on this level. The closest communication tool that we have used so far is hanging a bell on the door and teaching dogs to ring the bell to be let outside. These communication buttons designed by Christina and Stella are a giant step forward. 👏

Now everyday doodle owners can begin communicating with their doodles on a deeper level. This tool will allow doodles to communicate to us their wants and needs more clearly. Working with this new technology can deepen the bond between canines and owners. 💗

Dog Talking Button Basics

Dog talking buttons can record approximately 30 seconds of sound bites. This recording time is more than sufficient for only recording easy dog vocabulary words. The buttons use simple software to record the dog vocabulary words. Once the dog’s word is recorded to the button they are ready to use. 📼

When choosing the right type of dog talking buttons for your doodle there a few things to keep in mind. Usually the easier the better. Choose buttons that are easy to understand and are durable. One additional note is to double check that the buttons are made with non-toxic materials since your dog may chew on them. 🦷  Some owners also grab something to keep the dog communication button attached to the floor such as double sided velcro pads or possibly building a wooden board to inlay the buttons into. 

Working with dog buttons can dramatically increase your doodle’s vocabulary, you and your doodle can learn so many more words. Teaching your doodle to use dog buttons can give you insight into what they are thinking and make your bond even closer. Having and using dog buttons can put you more in tune with your doodle’s needs and thought patterns. 🧠 For many doodle owners who already have a great bond with their doodle this is a fun new way to take it to the next level. Teaching your doodle to communicate with dog buttons may seem intimidating and a lot of work but with a little effort it can be worth it. You would know exactly what your best friend wants and needs at all times. As an example Stella the dog behind the dog buttons knows over 45 words that she can communicate to her owner involving complex ideas such as a noise outside that she wants to go outside and investigate. 🥷

How To Start Communicating

Starting to teach your doodle to use dog talking buttons as a game is the best way to approach a training session. Taking you time and being positive, consistent and recognizing that all doodles learn at different speeds. Some doodles will pick it up fast and others are slower but the funner you make it the better it will work. You will have to teach your doodle what you want from them so having a good understanding of how to teach dog talking buttons is a must. Let’s get started! 👍

  1. Start with high value words that your doodle already knows like, go potty, outside, treat, walkies or whatever your doodle loves.
  1. Choose 1 word to start with like “outside”.
  1. Next associate the button with the dog vocabulary word, do this as many times as it takes and be patient.
    1. Before you take your doodle “outside” push the button and have your doodle watch you. 
  1. Don’t be tempted to just teach your doodle to push the button, don’t force it. This is not a button pushing trick. You want them to eventually mirror you, by doing this they are learning that this button means “outside”.
  1. It may take a while before your doodle pushes the button on their own. But learning the first button is the hardest so just keep working at it
  1. When your doodle finally pushes the button, make a BIG deal out of it!! Celebrate with them and then take them “outside”. 🎉 🥳 🪅
  1. Once your doodle is communicating with you via that button you can choose 1 more known word that your doodle loves and teach that button. (Then repeat the process.)

Teaching your doodle to communicate is not a short trick to be taught. You are teaching them how to communicate. Consistency and patience is a must! They may learn this slow or fast but you can’t rush the process. The point of talking buttons is to strengthen your bond so keep it light and fun.😀

Doodles are smart, as doodle owners we know this. They will figure out how to communicate with us no matter what. We have all seen “puppy eyes” whining and being jumped on by our doodle to tell us what they want. But what if it could be so much easier? We can provide them with the perfect communication tool. Dog communication buttons can strengthen the communication and bond even more with “man’s best friend”. 🤟

If you would like more information on the history of doodles explore here.

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