Benefits of Adoption vs Buying a Pet

There are many benefits of adoption vs buying a pet, adoption is currently the most popular way to get a new pet. πŸŽ‰ Unfortunately, it took years of advocacy to get to this point. Animal shelters are filled with a variety of well behaved animals of all ages. When owners adopt over shop they are gifting a great home to a pet who needs one and also freeing up space in the shelter for the next great pet to be saved as well. πŸ’— Each year millions of great pets enter shelters and rescues which makes them filled with happy and healthy pets that are just waiting for their forever home. Amazing pet adopters come from all walks of life and with so many amazing animals available it’s not too hard to find the perfect pet that fits everyones lifestyle. These pets are full of unconditional love and having a pet in your life has been shown to have numerous benefits emotionally, physically and psychologically. πŸ˜€

Adoption Basics

Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is an easy process with many benefits to both the new owner and the new pet. Animals at animal shelters are vaccinated when they arrive at an animal shelter so that they are protected from diseases that can be passed to all of the other animals at the shelter. πŸ§‘β€βš•οΈ These vaccination standards are set by the American Veterinary Medical Association in combination with state laws that dictate which vaccinations are required by animals that are cared for by the animal shelter. The benefit of these vaccinations to a new owner is that your new pet will be able to mingle with other animals right away either in your home or at the dog park. 🐈  Animal shelters often also offer free microchips for your new shelter pet as well. Most animals that are adopted from an animal shelter have also been spayed or neutered in order to help with unwanted animal population growth. Having your new pet pre-spayed or neutered is also an added benefit to the new owner as well. πŸ’΅

Animal shelters also spend a significant amount of time screening their animals for specific temperaments and behaviors. This added attention helps to properly pair new pets with new owners and their specific lifestyles.Β 

Why are Dogs in Shelters?

Animals are at animal shelters for many different reasons. A lot of people think that animals are at animal shelters because they are β€œbad” or have behavioral issues. That is usually not the case. The majority of animals are at animal shelters due to the issues of their human guardians. 😞 Some pet owners have a change in medical status and they can no longer care for their pets. Others are brought to animal shelters because of a change in family dynamics such as a divorce or a long distance move and the animal no longer has a home. Another common reason is a job loss and major change in income or changing jobs and a major change in the amount of time that the owner has. Major changes in either the ability to pay for their pet or to pay enough attention to their pet is a big factor as to why animals get abandoned. 

The main contributor to why animals end up in shelters is a big lack in affordable pet-friendly housing that is available to pet owners and their pets. 

Choosing an Age to Adopt

One of the great benefits of adopting a pet instead of buying is that you can choose which age of pet you would like to add to your life. By adopting an adult pet you are choosing a pet that has already lived with a family and has learned from that experience. πŸ•  Your new pet may already be potty trained or it may also know how to get along well with other pets or children. Adult dogs have already moved past the puppy stage. They have already done all of their puppy antics such as eating shoes. πŸ‘ž

If you are a future owner that really wants a puppy then an animal shelter still has puppies that can be adopted. Puppies are often available for adoption at animal shelters since some adult dogs come to the shelter already pregnant. 

Another amazing option that animal shelters have is adopting a senior animal companion. They have so many benefits such as they require less exercise and they fit in really well with quieter households. In addition many shelters do additional medical screenings for their senior pets in order to prepare them for adoption. πŸ₯

Many organizations charge higher fees for puppies and purebred dogs that are in high demand and lower ones for senior dogs or those with medical or behavior challenges.

Pros of Adopting

There are numerous benefits to adopting a pet over buying a pet. One of the great things is getting to choose the age of your pet that can fit into your lifestyle perfectly. 🏑 An adopted pet is just as loving and provides more benefits to both the owner and the pet than purchasing a new pet. The best benefit of adopting a pet is that you get to save 2 lives. The first life that you save is the pet that you bring into your home. The second life that you save is the one that is rescued because of the space that was made available at the shelter for another animal. Adopted pets often come to your home already house trained. 🚽

Pets that are up for adoption also receive a significant amount of medical care prior to being adopted which can include vaccinations, spay or neuter and microchipping. πŸ’‰  Some shelters also have veterinary clinics as well that can medically support your pet throughout their lives. Some shelters also provide additional behavior support and training if your pet needs it.

The best benefit is that adopting a pet from a shelter is fulfilling and you can be proud to have made a difference in your pet’s life. 🀟

Financial Pros of Adopting

 There are many financial benefits to adopting over purchasing a pet. Buying a new pet is typically between 500 to 1,000 dollars or more. πŸ’Έ Where adoption costs range from 50 to 200 dollars. That cost difference is far less than going to a breeder. In addition to that cost difference shelters also have free or low cost adoption events. Adoption fees are also a great bargain since most shelter pets are vaccinated and spayed or neutered prior to adoption. If the animal shelter is a non-profit the owners may also be able to claim their donation to adopt their pet as a tax deduction. πŸ’°

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are factory style breeding facilities that care more about making a profit than the welfare of the dogs. 😑 The dogs are housed in shockingly poor conditions and do not have proper medical care. Documented mistreatment and abuse at puppy mills include disease, overcrowding, forced inbreeding and over breeding, filth and hunger. The dog mothers of these puppies are kept in small cages to be bred over and over again for profit. These dog mothers usually lack any human companionship and have no future hope of ever joining a forever home of their own. 😿  When the mother dogs can no longer reproduce and are no longer profitable they are usually killed, abandoned or sold at auction. This typically takes around 4 years of breeding. 

The puppies of puppy mills also have their fair share of issues as well. They are usually not well cared for medically with possible defects from inbreeding and they lack human interaction which affects their social skills. πŸ˜₯

Operators of puppy mills use deceptive tactics to sell their puppies to unsuspecting consumers. These puppies are sold in pet stores, through classified ads and over the internet. 

Potential new owners need to know what to look for in a breeder to ensure the safety of their new puppy and dogs involved in dog breeding in general.Β 

Finding Your Perfect Pet

Adoption shelters are full of great pets just waiting for their forever home. There are close to 2  million dogs and cats euthanized each year in the United States due to overcrowding in shelters. There are plenty of options for families looking for a new pet to add to their families. If for some reason potential new pet parents are having a hard time finding a new pet that meets their needs they can check out breed-specific rescues. For a complete list of breed specific rescues check out the American Kennel Club website. πŸ‘

There are so many benefits to adopting a pet instead of purchasing one. Especially with so many healthy pets waiting for their forever homes. When potential pet owners adopt over purchasing a pet they are saving a life and not potentially supporting the puppy mills that profits from animal cruelty. πŸ‘

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